Partnership Priorities

As a Next Generation Industry Partnership, SEPHA is led by our employer partners.  Through two strategic planning meetings the employer partners have identified the following priorities for the partnership:

1  Strengthening partnerships with the Workforce Development Boards and PA CareerLinks to more effectively screen potential candidates, which will result in better outcomes for the employers and the Workforce Development Boards and PA CareerLinks. Additionally, assist employers in accessing services available through the WDBs and PA CareerLinks.

2  Strengthening resources for HR professionals including marketing careers within the industry; improving the talent management process (recruitment, on-boarding, and retention); and developing resources for HR professionals to assist employees.

3  Improving the integration of life skills into training and education.

Our partners continue to work to develop and implement strategies to address these three priorities.

If you would like to join SEPHA, or would like more information, please contact us at 610-543-5022 or send us a message!


PathWays PA Healthcare Sector Support Staff

  1. Clayton Fitch
    Workforce Development Program Coordinator
    PathWays PA
    Healthcare Industry Partnership Manager – 610-543-5022
  2. LaTrina Swinson
    Employment Specialist
    PathWays PA – 610-543-5022