Partnership Mission

The Southeastern PA Healthcare Alliance is committed to developing a well trained, skilled workforce dedicated to providing quality care to meet the challenges of the healthcare industry.  Alliance members see the value of building the pipeline of healthcare workers, improving the skills and advancement potential of the workforce and developing and promoting career ladders and lattices in the healthcare sector.

In support of those principals, the Alliance identifies employer human resources needs, and supports training and educational opportunities that fill resource gaps, while also providing access to certification, education and training.

Alliance members share a vision in which all workers in healthcare possess the technical and soft-skills required to excel in employment with the resources and opportunities to advance in healthcare careers.

If you would like to join SEPHA, or would like more information, please contact us at 610-543-5022 or send us a message!

PathWays PA Healthcare Sector Support Staff

  1. Clayton Fitch
    Workforce Development Program Coordinator
    PathWays PA
    Healthcare Industry Partnership Manager – 610-543-5022
  2. LaTrina Swinson
    Employment Specialist
    PathWays PA – 610-543-5022